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New Brighton, Minnesota

New Brighton, Minnesota is a city located in Ramsey County, Minnesota. It is one of the many suburbs of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area, and has a population of approximately 22,500 residents. New Brighton sits at an interesting geographic location. With a latitude of 45 degrees, it sits almost exactly between the north pole and the equator.

In the beginning of the 18th century, Mdewakanton Dakota Indian tribes lived in the area that is currently known as New Brighton. As settlers began expanding west, British and French immigrants settle a village in the area, with a school and church. The city of New Brighton was then incorporated on January 20th, 1891, after railroads to Minneapolis increased the population of the area.

While the city of New Brighton is relatively small, there are a number of exciting parks and recreational activities in the area. A popular location for new families the Eagles Nest Indoor Playground. The playground has an extensive list of activities and features, that make it an enjoyable outing for adults and children. It also has a large picnic area that has proven to be a popular attraction for families.

New Brighton has 16 neighborhood parks, and they total to approximately 159 acres in open space area. The Parks and Recreation committee has excellently maintained these parks for many years, making them a destination for local residents, as well as visitors. Some of the most popular parks include Creekview, Hidden Oaks, Pike Lake Trail, South Park Trail, and Sunny Square. If you are looking for outdoor activities, any of these great parks is a wonderful destination.

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Asphalt Repair for New Client

Our team received a call from a new client earlier this week, that was looking for asphalt repair in New Brighton. The client was the property manager for a small local outdoor shopping center. He explained to us that his parking lot had been subject to severe cracking, and had not had maintenance performed in a number of years. We scheduled an appointment for later that week to perform a free evaluation of the project.

After evaluating the condition of the asphalt, as well as the managers’ requests, we determined that a pavement overlay was the best course of action. We worked out the details of the schedule and budget, to best fit the client’s needs. After agreeing to start at the beginning of the next week, we shook the property manager’s hand and returned to the shop.

We arrived early the following week to get started on the asphalt overlay. The process requires the application of a layer of bituminous paving over an already existing paved surface. This helps to add a sense of structural capacity and strength to the parking lot. It also provides a smooth and fresh look, that is pleasing to the customers. By the time we had finished with the client’s parking lot, it looked and functioned as if it were brand new. He was extremely satisfied with the work our team had done and commended us for our craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

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