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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is a city in Minnesota’s Hennepin County and is a part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is the largest in Minnesota and is the 16th largest in the country. The bigger of the two cities, Minneapolis has an estimated population of approximately 413,651 making it the 46th most populous in the United States. Altogether, the Twin Cities metropolitan area has approximately 3.5 million and is recognized as the 2nd largest economic hub in the midwest. The city was named by the first schoolmaster, Charles Hoag, who used the Sioux word mni, meaning water and the Greek word polis, meaning city.

The city lies on both sides the Mississippi River, where it conjoins with the Minnesota River. The area has a high number of lakes, rivers, creeks, and waterfalls, giving it the well-deserved name, “City of Lakes”. It is also often called “Mill City” as it was the world leader in flour milling. Economically, Minneapolis is a major influence in a number of markets and has the tenth highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies located within the city.

Minneapolis is a sports fans paradise, as it has professional sports teams in the major American sports leagues. The city is represented by Major League Baseball’s Minnesota Twins, the National Hockey League’s Minnesota Wild, the National Basketball Association’s Minnesota Timberwolves, and the National Football League’s Minnesota Vikings.

Minneapolis is also home to one of the greatest musical talents of the rock era, Prince. He was named Rolling Stone’s 27th greatest artist of the rock era and helped make Minneapolis a musical hub within the Midwest.

Read About a Recent Minneapolis Paving Project

Parking Lot Patching for Property Manager

We recently received a call from a property manager who was in need of asphalt repair in Minneapolis. He managed a multi-family property whose parking lot had experienced significant damage. The property manager explained that the parking lot hadn’t been serviced in many years, and had developed a large pothole near the front entrance. After a receiving a few more details, we informed the manager that we would come to the property the following day for a free estimate.

As we arrived at the property the next day, it was clear where the damage was located. There was severe crocodile cracking at the entrance of the parking lot. This had led to the formation of a pothole over time. We determined that his parking lot needed a pothole patching job, as well as crack sealing. We also offered to seal coat the lot, in order to help extend the life of the parking lot. The manager was quite pleased with the scheduling and the budget involved, and we agreed to get started the following week.

While sometimes it may seem that a pothole is not a big deal, it can lead to severe car damage and even possible injury. Our team quickly got to work the following week in order to limit any possibility of car damage or personal injury. After a solid days work, we finished the patch job and set out to layer the lot with sealant. We explained that after sealcoating, we would need to let it dry, and no one could drive in the lot until it was dry.

By the end of the project, both the residents and the property manager were relieved to know that their parking lot was functioning and sturdy again. Our team left the job knowing their hard work and craftsmanship left all the tenants with peace of mind.

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