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Our team at ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc is proud to be a top asphalt company serving Columbia Heights. For over a decade, we have provided asphalt paving services to Columbia Heights, Minnesota. With services like sealcoating, asphalt patching, parking lot paving, and more, we are sure to be able to satisfy your asphalt needs. Give us a call today for help on your next asphalt paving or concrete job!

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Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Columbia Heights is located in the U.S. state of Minnesota and falls within the limits of Anoka County. The population is estimated to be approximately 20,000 residents. There are two main methods of travel in the city, including Minnesota State Highway 65, also known as Central Avenue, and Minnesota State Highway 47, also known as University Avenue. The city is considered a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area has a population of over 3.5 million residents and is the sixteenth largest metropolitan area in the United States.

Columbia Heights was first formed in March 1898 as a village. It separated from the Fridley Township in order to become its own village. The city has a rich history of Polish ancestry. On the route between Minneapolis and Columbia Heights, there is a polish flag and white eagle, representing the deep roots of Polish American influence in the region.

The downtown district of Columbia Heights is home to some of it’s most well-known attractions. The Heights Theater is a historic theater located in Columbia Heights, and is claimed to be “The Twin Cities longest continuously operated show house.” The downtown district is also home to the county offices and the Columbia Heights Public Library.

Columbia Heights has a long-standing history in the Minneapolis area and has produced a number of prominent figures and notable people. ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc is proud to be a top asphalt company serving Columbia Heights.

Learn About A Recent Project in Columbia Heights!

Pothole Patch Near Parking Lot

We received a quote from a client who was looking for pothole patching in Columbia Heights, MN.  The client called with concerns about a growing pothole located at the entrance to his parking lot. He told us that a number of customers had informed him of the issue. After personally examining the pothole, and the severity, he thought that it needed to be fixed ASAP. He wanted to avoid any customers damaging their vehicles as they attempted to enter his parking lot. He also wanted to reduce the risk of any personal injury that may occur to customers walking to his store. We explained to him that we were happy to help him with his asphalt repair and that we would be at the site to evaluate within a few days.

After evaluating the damage and severity of the pothole we reassured the client that we could expertly repair the asphalt. Because of the severity of the cracking, and the loose asphalt, we would need to perform a digout patching job. This is an effective solution when there is badly damaged asphalt that needs to be removed. After removal, new asphalt is applied to the location in order to create a nice, clean, level area. 

By the time we had finished the patching job, it was hard to tell that there had been a hole in the ground not long before that. We were very pleased with the finished product and so was the client. He asked us about any asphalt maintenance tips that might help to avoid such things from occurring in the future. We explained to him that consistent sealcoating, sweeping, and other measures would help to reduce his risk. He thanked us for everything, and after shaking client’ss hand, we were on our way back to the shop.

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