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Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Brooklyn Park is the sixth largest city by population in Minnesota and is apart of Hennepin County. The city is located north of downtown Minneapolis. Part of the city is located on the western river bank of the Mississippi River. The population of Brooklyn Park is approximately 80,000 residents. The city was originally founded in the 1850’s but wasn’t incorporated into a village until 1954, and into a city in 1969.

Brooklyn Park is known as “Tree City USA”. It has a multitude of different tree types and is home to some amazing nature. There are a total of 67 parks in the city and about 47 miles of various trails and trailheads. Some of the more well-known locations in Brooklyn Park include the northern portion of the Palmer Lake Park and the Rush Creek Regional Trail. It is also the location of the West Coon Rapids Dam, which is a dam on the west side of the Mississippi River.

The original Brooklyn Township was named by Michiganian settlers after their home in Brooklyn, Michigan. It was founded in the early 1850’s and eventually split in 1860. The southeastern part of the township incorporated into Crystal and Brooklyn Center.

The areas most popular attraction for visitors, school trips, and residents to visit is the historic Eidem Homestead. It is a working farm from the 1900’s and is a Brooklyn Park Historical Farm. It provides a look back into the early days of farming and agricultural practices in the area.

Read About a Recent Brooklyn Park Paving Job!

Asphalt Patching in Brooklyn Park Parking Lot

Our team recently received a request for parking lot patching in Brooklyn Park.  The client who called in was looking to fix his parking lot. There were parking spaces in the lot that has experienced asphalt damage. The damaged asphalt began with cracks, but quickly became potholes.  The client made it clear that he was worried about the safety of his customers, and their vehicles.  He didn’t want someone falling in the pothole. He also didn’t want any wheel or car damage to occur. We reassured him that we could perform a variety of different patching types to fix the problem.

We visited the parking lot later that week to evaluate the damage.  We noticed that there was some alligator cracking, which led to the pothole formation.  This was going to require a digout patching job. This type of patching is also called removal patching. When asphalt is severely broken in areas and needs to be removed to the aggregate base, removal digout patching is the solution. After providing an estimate to the client, he agreed to the scope of the project.

Our crew quickly began work the following day. The project would not take very long. We expertly removed the broken asphalt that surrounded the pothole.  We then replaced the broken asphalt with new asphalt.  This would allow for the parking lot surface to be revitalized. By the time we had completed the asphalt patching, the client was very pleased with our work.  He thanked us for helping to quickly resolve his asphalt problem.  We let him know that we were happy to help and to call for any future asphalt paving needs. 

At ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc we make the customer a priority. If you have any asphalt or concrete issues, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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