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Blaine, Minnesota

Blaine, Minnesota is a city partially located in both Anoka County and Ramsey County, in the state of Minnesota. While the city is largely positioned in Anoka County, it is still considered a part of the Twin City Metropolitan Area. The city was founded in 1877, and was later incorporated into a city in January of 1954. With a population of approximately 64,200, Blaine is the 14th most populous city in Minnesota.

Blaine was originally apart of the city of Anoka. First settled by Phillip Laddy, an Irish settler, Blaine remained a part of Anoka until 1877 when it separated, becoming its own township. Due to the environmental conditions of Blaine, it remained premium hunting grounds, while most areas turned to farming and agriculture.

The city home to a number of prominent bodies of water. Sunrise Lake, is approximately 158 acres large and has a depth reaching up to 40 feet. Another body of water is Laddie Lake, which was named after the original Irish settler, Phillip Laddy before his death. The other two lakes include Club West Lake, and Lochness Lake, which are both substantially smaller in size than Sunrise and Laddie.

A 500-acre open space plan is underway in Blaine, with the intent of building a nature center within the next few years. The residents of Bline approved a referendum allowing the city to acquire large portions of land for the project.

Learn About a Recent Blaine Asphalt Paving job

Blaine Business Owner Needs New Parking Lot

Our team received an estimate request recently. The new client was a local business owner, and he was in the process of opening a new store. As part of the process, he was working on redoing the parking lot adjacent to his storefront. He explained to us that he had contacted a number of asphalt contractors in Blaine, but had been unable to find an asphalt company that worked with his budget and scheduling needs. After learning more about the job, we agreed to send an expert to the store the next day, to perform an evaluation.

When our asphalt professional arrived the following day, we were able to determine the exact needs of the parking lot, and of the client. The asphalt paving services required were important to the business owner. He wanted to make sure that the parking lot was strong, fresh, and attractive for opening day. After providing the owner with an estimate, we agreed on a start date of the following Monday.

The following Monday, we began our asphalt reconstruction. This is considered to be one of the most permanent repair options. The surface was critically damaged and needed to be repaired. This required removal of asphalt and other material, and the installation of a new base, and a new layer of asphalt. We also provided the business owner with a layer of sealant, in order to maintain the aesthetic and longevity of the new lot. After a few days hard work, our team completed the job, and the business owner was happy to be that much closer to opening his new store.

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