Blaine Business Owner Needs New Parking Lot

Our team received an estimate request recently. The new client was a local business owner, and he was in the process of opening a new store. As part of the process, he was working on redoing the parking lot adjacent to his storefront. He explained to us that he had contacted a number of asphalt contractors in Blaine, but had been unable to find an asphalt company that worked with his budget and scheduling needs. After learning more about the job, we agreed to send an expert to the store the next day, to perform an evaluation.

When our asphalt professional arrived the following day, we were able to determine the exact needs of the parking lot, and of the client. The asphalt paving services required were important to the business owner. He wanted to make sure that the parking lot was strong, fresh, and attractive for opening day. After providing the owner with an estimate, we agreed on a start date of the following Monday.

The following Monday, we began our asphalt reconstruction. This is considered to be one of the most permanent repair options. The surface was critically damaged and needed to be repaired. This required removal of asphalt and other material, and the installation of a new base, and a new layer of asphalt. We also provided the business owner with a layer of sealant, in order to maintain the aesthetic and longevity of the new lot. After a few days hard work, our team completed the job, and the business owner was happy to be that much closer to opening his new store.

Parking Lot Patching for Property Manager

We recently received a call from a property manager who was in need of asphalt repair in Minneapolis. He managed a multi-family property whose parking lot had experienced significant damage. The property manager explained that the parking lot hadn’t been serviced in many years, and had developed a large pothole near the front entrance. After a receiving a few more details, we informed the manager that we would come to the property the following day for a free estimate.

As we arrived at the property the next day, it was clear where the damage was located. There was severe crocodile cracking at the entrance of the parking lot. This had led to the formation of a pothole over time. We determined that his parking lot needed a pothole patching job, as well as crack sealing. We also offered to seal coat the lot, in order to help extend the life of the parking lot. The manager was quite pleased with the scheduling and the budget involved, and we agreed to get started the following week.

While sometimes it may seem that a pothole is not a big deal, it can lead to severe car damage and even possible injury. Our team quickly got to work the following week in order to limit any possibility of car damage or personal injury. After a solid days work, we finished the patch job and set out to layer the lot with sealant. We explained that after sealcoating, we would need to let it dry, and no one could drive in the lot until it was dry.

By the end of the project, both the residents and the property manager were relieved to know that their parking lot was functioning and sturdy again. Our team left the job knowing their hard work and craftsmanship left all the tenants with peace of mind.

The Long History of Concrete and Cement

We would all like to believe that concrete was created accidentally by Fred Flintstone and his bumbling buddy, Barney Rubble as in the 1994 movie, The Flintstones. It is true that the first version of the material was indeed a natural “accident” nearly 12 million years ago, but common usage of the “self-cementing” compound wasn’t until around 700 BC. Since then, commercial concrete and cement have perpetually evolved to become one of the most commonly used construction materials for both standing structures and roadways. Read More→

The Woes of a Worn Parking Lot

In business, there is not much more important than first impressions. When clients arrive at your office, are they impressed with a beautiful building but put off by the fact that your parking lot is patched together and dotted with potholes and cracks? That amazing building won’t be nearly as impressive as your clients stumble across the broken asphalt that is your parking lot.

Many businesses make this mistake, focusing on the aesthetics of their interior offices without a thought for the off-road feel of the exterior lot. Commercial paving companies are hired by businesses with this very common problem year in and year out and often can accommodate the schedule of the business, avoiding any down time. Read More→

Asphalt: The Ultimate Recycling Program

Commercial asphalt paving contractors have dealt with a great deal of pressure from environmentalists since the beginning of paved roadways. Because asphalt is a crude oil or tar based material, there have been valid concerns voiced for the effect such a material will have on the environment. As the decades have passed since the implementation of the Interstate Highway System in 1956, the commercial paving industry has created new and amazing procedures to recycle old, used asphalt and concrete for use in new roadways, highways and structures. Read More→

Safety in Road Work Zones

We all get annoyed by the seemingly endless row of orange barrels or cones marking road construction zones, but they are there for a very serious reason: safety. The purpose of the cones and barrels is not only to protect the commercial paving contractor’s employees, but also to insure the safety of drivers traveling in the work zone. 85% of those injured or killed in highway and road work zones are motorists. Read More→

Mild Winter Means Asphalt Concrete Damage

Minnesota and the upper Midwest have their own specific issues with weather related damage to asphalt and concrete driveways, parking lots and roadways. But believe it or not, the cold winter temperatures are not the primary culprit of the damages suffered. It’s actually the temperature warming that does the most damage. While all of us who live in the upper Midwest have enjoyed a mild winter this year, the quickly fluctuating temperatures are doing major damage to our asphalt and concrete surfaces and will keep the commercial paving contractors of the area busy this coming spring and summer. Read More→

Fun Facts About Asphalt

Asphalt may not seem like the most interesting topic to read about, but when you consider how much asphalt is used to pave our roads and parking lots, it’s a viable commodity that isn’t going away anytime soon. If you are a commercial business or property manager, you understand how “curb appeal” can make or break a potential business deal. For that reason, it is best for you to know a little bit about the asphalt that coats your parking lot and what you can do to keep it in pristine shape through maintenance, thus saving you thousands of dollars down the line. Read More→

Fun Facts About Concrete

Do you ever look around and realize just how much concrete is covering our earth? To some degree, urban growth has decimated some of our natural wonder, and concrete plays a vital role in that, which can have a negative spin. But it also is the base for many of our needs on this planet. Below are some interesting facts about concrete (hard as that may be to imagine) that might just surprise you. Read More→

What is Excavation?

To most, commercial excavation in Minnesota would simply be moving dirt around. But it is far more than that. Excavation can involve anything from digging for a swimming pool to completely digging up and resurfacing an asphalt or concrete commercial parking lot. Commercial paving contractors in Minnesota operate heavy machinery to make these things happen and precise measurements and time are all involved in excavation. Read More→

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