New Asphalt Road in Maple Grove

ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc is proud to have been a top asphalt contractor in Maple Grove, Minnesota for a decade and a half. As a top asphalt company in Minnesota, we have made customer service and expert craftsmanship our top priorities. With a focus on the customer experience, we have been able to set the industry standard for parking lot paving services in Maple Grove. If you are in need of services such as asphalt paving, sealcoating, or asphalt repair, make sure to give us a call today!

We recently received an online quote request for commercial paving services in Maple Grove. The client who contacted us was looking to for asphalt paving in a commercial community. The property manager was working on large-scale renovations for the community. The manager realized that it had been many years since the asphalt surface had received asphalt maintenance. We scheduled to send an asphalt professional to the community in order to examine the project.

When our asphalt expert arrived to evaluate the asphalt surfaces, he was pleased to see that the asphalt had remained in solid condition. Although the surface had begun to experience significant fading, the overall surface was intact. Our estimator determined that a complete asphalt overlay for the community would be the best option. We provided the property manager with a quote and schedule associated with the project. He was quite pleased with the details of the evaluation and scheduled us to begin work later that month.

The commercial paving project turned out to be an extensive asphalt paving job, but our team was able to stay detail oriented and diligent with the work. At the end of the project, the client was extremely pleased with the work that we had completed. He let asked for some asphalt maintenance tips, and we were happy to explain some of the best ways to keep his new asphalt surface in excellent shape. 

Fridley Asphalt Parking Lot Repair

Our team as ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc is a premier asphalt contractor in Fridley, Minnesota. We have been a proud provider of comprehensive asphalt paving services in Fridley for 15 years. Our services range from complete parking lot installation to sealcoating to parking lot patching. Whatever your asphalt paving needs are, ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc is the trusted solution for you. Give us a call today for a free quote!

We recently received a call from a local convenience store. The owner was a long time client who was looking for parking lot repair in Fridley. We had performed some commercial paving services for the business many years back. The store owner informed us that a pothole had formed in one of his customer parking spaces. With a limited parking lot, he wanted to address the problem quickly. We were happy to help him with his asphalt repair, and restore his parking lot to full functionality.

Understanding the scope of the project our team was able to get started on the parking lot patching the following afternoon. We arrived at the site and were quickly able to determine that a simple pothole patch job would be effective. This requires the cleaning of the loose and broken asphalt. Once that is removed, a liquid asphalt tack is applied in order to promote adhesion and finally the hole is filled with the new asphalt.

While this was a relatively quick parking lot repair job, it was of vital importance to the store owner. He wanted to assure that his customers were safe from personal injury and that their vehicles wouldn’t be damaged as they used his parking lot. By the time we had completed the pothole patching, the parking lot looked much better. All of the parking spaces were functional again, and the client was very happy with our quick and effective asphalt paving. He thanked us and told us that he would contact us for any, and all, future parking lot paving needs.

Parking Lot Maintenance for Arden Hills Store

ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc is a proud provider of asphalt paving services in Arden Hills, Minnesota. For many years, we have been a top asphalt company in the area. Our team of asphalt experts are highly knowledgeable and extensively trained in all things asphalt. Whether you are interested in commercial paving services or simple crack sealing, we are the paving contractor for you. Make sure to give us a call today for a free evaluation!

We received a call recently from a local store that was looking for parking lot maintenance in Arden Hills. We spoke with the manager in order to determine their needs and the scope of the asphalt paving project. The manager explained that they had recently worked with another asphalt contractor in the area. Unfortunately, they had been unsatisfied with the work of the other company. They were contacting us for sealcoating and striping services in the parking lot. We assured them that we were the asphalt contractor for them!

One of our asphalt experts visited their parking lot in order to evaluate the parking lot condition and provide a thorough quote to the client.  After further consulting the property manager, we agreed to terms on the parking lot maintenance project.

Our crew began sealcoating the parking lot the following week. By applying a layer of sealant to an asphalt surface, the asphalt received an added layer of comprehensive protection. Sealant protects from unwanted liquids, materials, and chemicals penetrating the asphalt surface. This will help to extend the life and health of your asphalt paving surface.

We finished the asphalt maintenance project in Arden Hills by striping the parking lot. A well-planned striping job will create an efficient and effective flow of traffic in your parking lot. If you are looking for an asphalt company in Arden Hills, make sure to give us a call!

Asphalt Overlay for Local Business Owner

At ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc we are proud of our continued service as a top asphalt contractor in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota.  With services ranging from new parking lot installation to asphalt repair, our team of asphalt paving professionals is ready for any job. If you are looking for top of the line asphalt paving services from an asphalt company that you can depend on, ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc is for you. Give us a call today for a free quote!

Our crew recently received an online request from a local business owner. He was contacting us for parking lot paving services in Spring Lake Park. We spoke with the client for a few more minutes to gather the rest of the necessary information. We scheduled a visit to his store the following week in order to evaluate the parking lot and provide a quote.

One of our asphalt professionals arrived the following week to examine the asphalt surface. The surface had experienced severe cracking throughout the lot and was very brittle. We determined that the best course of action would be to perform an asphalt overlay. An asphalt overlay is an effective asphalt paving technique. By applying a layer of fresh bitumen to an existing asphalt surface, the new layer of bituminous paving will provide structural integrity and a new, fresh look. 

After we had completed the pavement overlay, we needed to restripe the parking lot. We wanted to make sure that the customers were able to efficiently navigate in and out of the parking spaces. We planned the restripe expertly and were able to create two extra parking spaces for the business owners customers. He was quite satisfied with the finished product and thanked us for our hard work and dedication to his asphalt parking lot. We gave him a few tips for asphalt maintenance and told him to contact us if he needed any further asphalt repairs.

Pothole Patch Near Parking Lot

We received a quote from a client who was looking for pothole patching in Columbia Heights, MN.  The client called with concerns about a growing pothole located at the entrance to his parking lot. He told us that a number of customers had informed him of the issue. After personally examining the pothole, and the severity, he thought that it needed to be fixed ASAP. He wanted to avoid any customers damaging their vehicles as they attempted to enter his parking lot. He also wanted to reduce the risk of any personal injury that may occur to customers walking to his store. We explained to him that we were happy to help him with his asphalt repair and that we would be at the site to evaluate within a few days.

After evaluating the damage and severity of the pothole we reassured the client that we could expertly repair the asphalt. Because of the severity of the cracking, and the loose asphalt, we would need to perform a digout patching job. This is an effective solution when there is badly damaged asphalt that needs to be removed. After removal, new asphalt is applied to the location in order to create a nice, clean, level area. 

By the time we had finished the patching job, it was hard to tell that there had been a hole in the ground not long before that. We were very pleased with the finished product and so was the client. He asked us about any asphalt maintenance tips that might help to avoid such things from occurring in the future. We explained to him that consistent sealcoating, sweeping, and other measures would help to reduce his risk. He thanked us for everything, and after shaking client’ss hand, we were on our way back to the shop.

Sealcoat Job for Longtime Customer

We received a call from a long time customer who was looking for sealcoating in Coon Rapids, MN.  We were happy to hear from him, as he had been a client for many years and was a longtime friend of the company.  After speaking for awhile, he explained to us that he was looking to seal coat his parking lot. We had previously done a number of jobs on his lot, ranging from basic asphalt patching to pavement overlays, and more.  We were happy that we were still his asphalt company of choice, and that he had been satisfied with our previous work. He was looking to revitalize his parking lot, providing some extra protection and added aesthetic appeal.

Sealcoating is one of the most important forms of asphalt maintenance. The layer of sealant helps to protect the asphalt layer from intrusive objects and chemicals. Over time, asphalt takes a beating from a variety of different materials. Whether it be oil, water, hazardous chemicals, or foreign objects, the asphalt layer is susceptible to penetration. By consistently applying a sealant every few years, the asphalt will stay protected, and the parking lot lifetime with elongate.

Our team arrived at the parking lot a few weeks later and quickly began work. Most of the crew had worked on the parking lot before, which helped to make the job substantially simpler. Our team moved efficiently and effectively, applying the sealant to the parking lot. By the time we had finished, the parking lot looked fresh and attractive. After the sealant dried, it would also have an effective layer of protection from outside materials.  The customer was pleased with the work that we had completed and thanked us for our efforts. We were happy to see another customer so pleased with our work, especially someone who we had worked with so many times before.

Line Striping in Brooklyn Center

We recently received an online quote request from a local business owner. She was looking for asphalt maintenance in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The local business owner was interested in restriping her parking lot. After speaking with her, we were able to determine her asphalt paving needs. She explained to us that the lines in her parking lot were faded. It was making it difficult for customers to know where to park. We assured her that we could assist with the asphalt maintenance. We set a date to meet at the site for the following afternoon.

After arriving at the store, we were easily able to see what she had told us. The striping was almost completely gone. The parking lot was in need of asphalt maintenance, and we were prepared and excited to help.  We determined that we would be able to complete the job the following day. We also informed her that we would work section by section, in order to limit our impact on customers. She was very happy that we were aware of her business needs and agreed to start the next day.

When we arrived at the store the following morning, we were there before they opened. We quickly got to work painting lines for the parking lot. We evaluated the parking lot, and a number of spaces, and determined we could fit two or three more spaces. We worked section by section, restriping the lot. By the time we had finished, the parking lot looked brand new. As the store closed, the owner came out to thank us. She was very happy with our work. We thanked her for selecting us as her asphalt company in Brooklyn Center. We let her know that we would be happy to help with any future asphalt paving needs and to give us a call!

Asphalt Patching in Brooklyn Park Parking Lot

Our team recently received a request for parking lot patching in Brooklyn Park.  The client who called in was looking to fix his parking lot. There were parking spaces in the lot that has experienced asphalt damage. The damaged asphalt began with cracks, but quickly became potholes.  The client made it clear that he was worried about the safety of his customers, and their vehicles.  He didn’t want someone falling in the pothole. He also didn’t want any wheel or car damage to occur. We reassured him that we could perform a variety of different patching types to fix the problem.

We visited the parking lot later that week to evaluate the damage.  We noticed that there was some alligator cracking, which led to the pothole formation.  This was going to require a digout patching job. This type of patching is also called removal patching. When asphalt is severely broken in areas and needs to be removed to the aggregate base, removal digout patching is the solution. After providing an estimate to the client, he agreed to the scope of the project.

Our crew quickly began work the following day. The project would not take very long. We expertly removed the broken asphalt that surrounded the pothole.  We then replaced the broken asphalt with new asphalt.  This would allow for the parking lot surface to be revitalized. By the time we had completed the asphalt patching, the client was very pleased with our work.  He thanked us for helping to quickly resolve his asphalt problem.  We let him know that we were happy to help and to call for any future asphalt paving needs. 

At ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc we make the customer a priority. If you have any asphalt or concrete issues, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Asphalt Repair for New Client

Our team received a call from a new client earlier this week, that was looking for asphalt repair in New Brighton. The client was the property manager for a small local outdoor shopping center. He explained to us that his parking lot had been subject to severe cracking, and had not had maintenance performed in a number of years. We scheduled an appointment for later that week to perform a free evaluation of the project.

After evaluating the condition of the asphalt, as well as the managers’ requests, we determined that a pavement overlay was the best course of action. We worked out the details of the schedule and budget, to best fit the client’s needs. After agreeing to start at the beginning of the next week, we shook the property manager’s hand and returned to the shop.

We arrived early the following week to get started on the asphalt overlay. The process requires the application of a layer of bituminous paving over an already existing paved surface. This helps to add a sense of structural capacity and strength to the parking lot. It also provides a smooth and fresh look, that is pleasing to the customers. By the time we had finished with the client’s parking lot, it looked and functioned as if it were brand new. He was extremely satisfied with the work our team had done and commended us for our craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

Parking Lot Paving for Long Time Client

Our team at ACS Asphalt Concrete Solutions, Inc recently received a project request from a long time client. This client owned a multi-family property and was in need of parking lot paving in Roseville. She had been the owner of a property for many years and had been consistent with her parking lot maintenance.

She contacted us, looking for an evaluation of her lot. She explained that she had begun to see some cracking near the front of the lot, as well as in some of her residents’ parking spaces. While there weren’t any severe cracks, she said that she wanted to address the problem before it became urgent. We told her that we could have an asphalt professional out to her property early the following week.

After arriving at our client’s property, it was clear that she had some an excellent job maintaining the parking lot. However, standard wear and tear is something that occurs in all lots. There were cracks that were forming, and it was most beneficial to deal with them soon. We explained to the client that we were going to sweep the entire lot, seal cracks, and perform sealcoating. She happily agreed to the scope of the project and informed the residents that they would not be able to park there until the sealant had dried.

By the time the project was over, we had completely revitalized her parking lot. We had also given our client the peace of mind that her lot would stay sturdy and fresh for a long time. As we left, we told her to give us a call if she had any more problems. Our team left the job with a renewed satisfaction for customer service and first-class asphalt paving.

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